It's been 1 year already?!

My bunny-themed birthday.

I didn't even get to eat the bunny cakes!

Happy birthday to me!

Get these things off me!

Dominican Republic - April 2007

Look at the giant bathtub behind me!

With Mommy and Daady.

My first time in the ocean.

Don't worry, I'm loving this.

Exhausting day!

Playing inside the room while Mommy and Daddy sit on the deck.

Ahhh .... comfy!

Ready for the wedding.

All dressed up for dinner.

Being tickled by Mommy.

My beret.

Mugging for the camera - June 2007.

Mommy is piling stuff on top of me. Look at all my hair!

First time in the backyard pool. Hopefully Mommy will put more water in it tomorrow!

I got into the flour when Mommy wasn't looking.

Riding the wooden horse at Calli's first birthday party.

Getting ready to ride a real horse.

Watching the big kids ride their horses.

Before I was not allowed to eat tomatoes.

Sharing my water with my cousin, Van.

Hiking at Pink Lake.

My pretty new dress.

I got into the frozen blueberries while Mommy's back was turned.

Waiting for Melissa and Gord's wedding to start.

Passed out on the couch after a hard day of playing.